About Us


We at Yakima Evangelical are committed to simply Live, Love and Serve
in Yakima, the Valley and beyond.

Live: We exist to help people find true life in Christ (Romans 6:23), and to live life to the full (John 10:10).
Love: We are here to build one church community made up of many smaller communities (LIFE groups, classes, ministries) based on loving God and loving others. (Mt. 22:36-40, 1 Jn 4:7-8)
Serve: We are here to serve God, each other, and the people of Yakima. (Mt. 20:26-28, Jn 13:14-15)

We believe that God has called us to focus on 4 main gears of ministry @ YEC
Discipleship: We believe that YEC exists to help people find life in Jesus and grow to look, think, love and act like Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. (Mt 28:19-20)
KIDS: We believe that kids are the church of the present, and not merely the church of the future. We make kids a BIG priority. (Luke 18:16)
Worship Experience: God has called his people to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We believe that we are called to create environments where not only is it possible, but it is the norm. (John 4:23) 
Community: We believe we exist to be a place where people can belong and be a representative of Jesus and a source of blessing for the community we serve. (Mt 5:14