Church Planting/ Missions

Bryan and Molly Canny, Full-Time Missionaries to Bolivia
Bryan and Molly Canny are career missionaries with Evangelical Church Missions serving in Bolivia. Molly has three years of experience in Bolivia working in children’s ministry and teaching at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center. Bryan and Molly were married in May of 2010 and are excited about how God will use them to serve Him. Bryan visited Bolivia in the Spring of 2010 and has a call to join Molly in the ministry there. 

Upon their return to Bolivia, Bryan and Molly anticipate working closely with the national Bolivian Evangelical Holiness Church. This may focus on more children’s ministry, leadership development, community services and general support wherever needed.

Bryan is a member of The Evangelical Church in Oskaloosa, IA, and Molly is a member of the Moville Evangelical Church in Moville, IA. Bryan graduated from Vennard College with degrees in Pastoral Ministries and Bible, while Molly graduated from Grace University with degrees in Elementary Education and Bible.

They welcomed their daughter Cecilia in 2013.